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3 zodiac signs that are like Halinka from “World according to Kiepski”.  They don’t bite their tongues

3 zodiac signs that are like Halinka from “World according to Kiepski”. They don’t bite their tongues

Some people are painfully honest and say what they think straight away, even when it could offend someone. As astrologers believe, these character traits are closely related to the date of birth. Which zodiac signs are more honest than even Halinka from “Świat pod Kiepskich”?

Honesty, truthfulness and openness are features that are inextricably linked. We usually perceive them as something positive, but sometimes people gifted with them are not always perceived positively. Especially when honesty also means talking directly about your feelings without biting your tongue. they believe that character traits are written in the stars. In their opinion, these are the most honest and have no problem expressing their opinions. Before you check whether you are on this list, remember to treat it with some distance and a pinch of salt.

Signs of the zodiac. Aries always says exactly what they think

Zodiacal Aries is full of energy, stubborn and… painfully honest. Courage goes hand in hand with leadership skills and self-confidence, but at the same time Aries is not afraid to share his thoughts and say directly what he thinks. Even if no one asked for it. He believes that telling the truth is the most important thing, but sometimes he is unaware of the consequences.

The most honest sign of the zodiac. Aquarius cannot lie. He speaks honestly and bluntly

Zodiacal Aquarius is a rebellious soul, an individualist who often seems to live in his own world. However, he cannot lie. Telling lies is not his style. He is disgusted by the lie that makes him feel bad. However, he is direct and will tell the truth, even the most painful one, bluntly. And this is regardless of whether it is about a friend’s inappropriate hairstyle or problems with a co-worker. Aquarius is definitely the most honest sign of the zodiac.

Honest zodiac signs? Sagittarius often speaks without any restraint

Just like for Aquarius, also for the zodiacal Sagittarius, a lie is the last thing he can accept. He shares his opinions without inhibition, directly and with sincerity worthy of a small child. This may make some people perceive him as rude, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sagittarius simply doesn’t like to beat around the bush and says openly what’s on his mind.

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