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A quality expert explains how to choose good red caviar

A quality expert explains how to choose good red caviar

The Russians were told by what external signs they can distinguish high-quality red caviar.

Elena Pavlova, a specialist at the Moscow State Inspectorate for the quality of agricultural products, raw materials and food, advises first of all to pay attention to the packaging of the product.

Glass jars should be hermetically sealed and metal lids should be lithographed, she said. “That is, information about the product must be applied directly to the lid using special paint,” the expert noted.

Pavlova said that in a good product, “the eggs are clean, whole, elastic, with a slightly damp or dry surface, separable, that is, separated from one another.” “The caviar should have low viscosity, with grains without a film and without white inclusions between them, without blood clots, with a small amount of burst grains, without any foreign smell,” she explained in an interview with Moscow 24.

If salmon caviar was made from frozen raw materials, it will appear more viscous and contain a large number of wet eggs, the specialist warned.

Previously, nutritionist Yulia Zinchenko told how many caviar sandwiches you can eat at one time.

Source: Rosbalt

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