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He played Pati’s boyfriend in “Skazana”.  Now he talks about living in sobriety.  “I have always been different from everyone else”

He played Pati’s boyfriend in “Skazana”. Now he talks about living in sobriety. “I have always been different from everyone else”

The role of Pati’s boyfriend in the hit series “Skazana” brought Konrad Eleryk unwavering popularity and crowds of fans. In the latest interview, the actor revealed that in private he is different from the hero he created on screen, because not only does he avoid stimulants, but he has never even used alcohol.

Konrad Eleryk is a graduate of the Łódź Film School. He regularly performs both on stage and on screen, although, as he admits, he is not a fan of lofty forms and only likes to play characters with whom he can identify. Viewers may associate him with such popular productions as “Agata’s Law”, “Czas Honoru”, “Przyjació³ki” or “Na Wspólnej”. However, he gained the greatest popularity by playing the role of Krystian, the beloved of the main character of the series and “Pati”.

Konrad Eleryk talked about his lifestyle. Sports are a regular part of his schedule

In a conversation with the actor, he opened up a bit about private topics, admitting that he leads a healthy lifestyle. He confessed that he had been interested in sports for as long as he could remember, practicing boxing as an amateur, and nothing had changed in this respect. He still cares about his fitness and tries to stay in good shape by regularly doing various exercises. – I actually train very hard, every day. (…) I think it’s set in my head so much that I can’t let go, he said. In addition, he eats properly and avoids all stimulants, including: he never drank alcohol or coffee. – I don’t know the taste of either. As I know people, this is kind of unique, said Eleryk.

It happened many times that he was in the company of people under the influence of various intoxicants, but he always had a strong will and was never willing or willing to try them. – I have always been different from everyone else. Everyone drank and took drugs, but I didn’t want to. I was used to being around people under the influence. It didn’t do anything special to me. However, I have had a lot of fun with alcohol and alcoholics in general, he admitted.

He wanted to be an athlete, he became an actor. Eleryk talked about the backstage of the film school exams

However, this is not the end of Konrad’s surprising confessions. It turns out that Eleryk became an actor somewhat by accident. He previously planned to join professionally with , but a knee injury thwarted his plans. Then he decided to follow his friend’s advice and took the exams at a film school. – My friend kept telling me I would be perfect for this. I had it in the back of my mind. When I was looking for my place in life (…) I decided to try it, he said. It was a bull’s-eye because he got in the first time, although few can boast of such success. In retrospect, he believes that his self-confidence and sense of humor played a large role in this. – I didn’t feel the fear I saw on the faces of people waiting for their turn in the corridor. They were extremely stressed, repeating various things over and over again. And I didn’t do anything, even though I wasn’t perfectly prepared, he recalled.

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