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She married at the age of 19, and when she was 21 she became a widow.  She died from the same cause as her husband

She married at the age of 19, and when she was 21 she became a widow. She died from the same cause as her husband

It all started one day when her family had to hide in a cold and damp basement. Little Halina fell ill with angina, which changed her life forever and shortened it significantly.

More stories of extraordinary women on the website Halina Poświatowska was born on May 9, 1935 in Częstochowa. In the parish book, the priest wrote her down as Hanna, because the name Halina was not in the register of saints. In 1961, however, the poet officially changed her name to Halina. She had three siblings – two sisters and a brother, but one of the girls died in childhood.

She got sick because she had to hide in the cold basement

The last days of the German occupation and the entry of the Red Army into her hometown in 1945 forced Halina’s family to hide in the basement. It was cold and damp there and the girl fell ill with angina. Her disease was serious and left serious and irreversible consequences. Streptococcus bacteria that attacked Halina’s body led to arthritis and caused a heart defect, or more precisely – a mitral valve defect. For this reason, the girl spent the following years in hospitals and sanatoriums. In one of them, she met her future husband – Adolf Ryszard Poświatowski, a student of the State Film School in Łódź. He shared Halina’s fate – he also had a serious heart disease.

The poet got married at the age of 19

Halina and Adolf fell in love and decided to get married. They knew that their health situation was very uncertain and they did not want to wait. The wedding took place on April 30, 1954 in Częstochowa. The marriage did not last long. Two years after the wedding, Adolf died, and Halina became a widow at the age of 21. Four years later, the Polish community in America raised the money needed for Halina’s heart surgery. So the poet flew to the USA, where she underwent a successful operation. However, she decided not to return to her homeland and applied for a scholarship to an elite college for wealthy girls. She got it, graduated from school a year earlier than her friends, returned to Poland and lived in Krakow.

The heart made its presence felt again

The condition of Halina’s operated heart worsened in 1967. Surgical intervention was again necessary. Poświatowska underwent surgery in one of the hospitals in Warsaw. Unfortunately, eight days later, complications occurred and she died. She was buried next to her husband in the Częstochowa cemetery of St. Rocha.

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