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A brawl in a local store.  “She didn’t let a pregnant woman pass in the checkout line”

A brawl in a local store. “She didn’t let a pregnant woman pass in the checkout line”

One of the store’s customers did not notice that the person standing behind her in the queue was a woman expecting a child. The situation outraged another client who decided to stand up for the pregnant woman and started a row. Our reader asks: “And what is all this for?”

A reader wrote to the editorial office of and decided to share a situation she recently witnessed in her local store. Mrs. Katarzyna (name for editorial information) she witnessed a quarrel between customers of the store where she was shopping. It was about a pregnant woman standing in line at the checkout.

She didn’t let a pregnant woman pass in line

“A woman about 50 years old just approached the cash register. The saleswoman started serving her and suddenly one of the men standing behind her started shouting that pregnant women have priority,” wrote Ms. Katarzyna. “I didn’t know what was going on, neither did the saleswoman and the woman served. Only when I started looking around, I noticed that one of the women standing in the queue was pregnant. She was wearing a thick jacket, and the pregnancy wasn’t very visible yet” – wrote a reader. She added that the man shouted at the saleswoman and the woman she was serving, while the pregnant woman stood to the side with an expression: “Exactly!” It became very unpleasant in the store, the pregnant woman moved to the front of the queue with a triumphant face,” she wrote.

“And what’s all this for?”

Our reader admitted that pregnant women should be allowed to pass in the queue, and it was very good that the man in question noticed this, but he could have done it in a polite way. “She really didn’t show that she was expecting a child, but she didn’t hide her satisfaction that she wouldn’t have to wait in line. And what was all this for? The woman could have simply asked the customers to let her pass, I’m sure no one would have told her he didn’t refuse. It’s a small shop, after all, most people know each other at least by sight,” he ends his message.

Does a pregnant woman have priority in the queue?

In such situations, some people say: “But pregnancy is not a disease!” No, not a disease, but a pregnant woman may simply have a hard time standing in line. Usually, when people see an expectant mother in a queue to the checkout, toilet, etc., they let her pass without a problem. Sometimes it is enough to ask for it, because the pregnancy belly is not always visible, especially if it is hidden under a large jacket or coat. There is no obligation to let a pregnant woman pass, it results from good intentions and personal culture.

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