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Ewa Błaszczyk’s second daughter wanted to change her surname.  “It irritated me that they were commenting on my life”

Ewa Błaszczyk’s second daughter wanted to change her surname. “It irritated me that they were commenting on my life”

Although Marianna Janczarska grew up in the shadow of family dramas, it did not ruin her dreams and ambitious plans. The 29-year-old daughter of Ewa Błaszczyk and the late Jacek Janczarski is successful in many areas. She is a journalist, designs clothes and also tries her hand at the film industry.

Marianna Janczarska was born on January 2, 1994 as one of the twins of actress and writer Jacek Janczarski. However, her childhood was not carefree. In early February 2000, her father died of an aortic aneurysm, and a few months later another tragedy befell the family. Her sister, Aleksandra, fell into a coma after choking on a pill.

Ewa Błaszczyk’s daughter dropped out of college. Today, he is successfully developing his career

Despite painful experiences and constantly being in the spotlight, Marianna grew up immersed in her own dreams and ambitious plans for the future. She made her debut in 2009 with a small role in the fictionalized documentary “The Story of the Kowalskis”. After successfully passing her high school final exams, she decided to follow in her famous mother’s footsteps and entered the acting department of the Theater Academy in Warsaw, which she eventually abandoned in favor of journalism. However, this did not stop her from conquering stages and screens. He has played roles in films such as: “Ojcze Our Father”, “Motocykl”, “Fatum” and “On the Verge”. She also appeared in the popular series “Ślad” and . In turn, in 2019, she made a sensation in the play “Vania, Sonia, Masha and Spike” staged at the Polonia Theater.

She founded her own brand and published a book. Marianna Janczarska does not slow down

However, the 29-year-old has many more interests and is not limited to one field. She has always been interested in fashion and wanted to start her own clothing brand, which she finally succeeded in when the MANANA online store was created in 2021. – I like my diversity. It’s all related to one thing, I really like to invent things. I will probably never be the type of person who will focus on one thing – she said in an interview for . The writing talent she inherited from her father resulted in her father’s biography “Jacek Janczarski. I so on. And so on”, published in May 2023, in which she not only described his profile and professional achievements, but also talked about their short but unique relationship, and made some personal confessions.

Although she has a lot of different activities on a daily basis, when in 2019 she was asked to take the position of vice-president of the “Akogo?” foundation, she agreed without a second thought. Despite his popularity, he tries to avoid the spotlight and rarely gives interviews. She admits that she experienced this more than enough as a child and today she values ​​peace and privacy. – I am not bitter and always depressed, as some people probably think of me – she said. She added that sometimes it bothers her that she is not perceived through the prism of her own achievements. – It irritated me that someone could comment on my life. I had a few situations like this, to prevent anyone from associating me with my mother, I tried to change my name and surname – she recalled with a laugh, but eventually she abandoned this idea. Currently, Marianna Janczarska can be admired in the play “Parrots” at the Studio Theater in Warsaw.

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