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Has the famous wrestling family been cursed?  Their fate will be shown in a new film starring Zack Efron

Has the famous wrestling family been cursed? Their fate will be shown in a new film starring Zack Efron

In the 1980s, the whole of America went crazy about the von Erichs. The famous family of wrestlers had an influence on the development of this discipline, but fame and the pressure of success turned out to be a curse for the sons of the family founder. The film “Brothers of Steel” with Zack Efron in the main role will tell the tragic story. When is the premiere?

The history of the famous wrestling family dates back to the 1960s, when Fritzn von Erich triumphed in the ring. He had many successes to his credit, including: he broke the record by becoming a 20-time United States National Wrestling Alliance Champion, and won the World Championship three times. This meant that in 1966 he established the World Class Championship Wrestling organization, whose main stars were his sons.

The death of Fritz’s firstborn began the curse. What tragedies befell the famous wrestling family?

Fritz’s oldest son was Jack Barton Adkinsson (that was their real name), but he only lived to the age of 6. On March 7, 1959, he was first electrocuted and then drowned in a puddle near Niagara Falls. These tragic events were supposed to be the beginning of the curse that lurked over the remaining family members. However, before death began to take its toll, Fritz’s remaining children: Kevin, David, Kerry, Mike and Chris, were making quite a career in the ring.

Behind their successes, however, were backbreaking and brutal training, which turned out to be important for the development of young characters. They wanted to live up to their father’s expectations, but the pressure became not a motivation but a curse. Fate struck them again in the winter of 1984, when David’s body was found in Tokyo. According to official information, the 25-year-old died of inflammation of the small intestine, but his relatives had no doubt that the cause was an overdose of Vicodin. Shortly thereafter, Mike also died from a lethal dose of sedatives. The beginning of the 1990s was also traumatic for the von Erichs, because first Chris took his own life, and two years later Kerry.

Zac Efron is the hero of a film about the von Erich family. When is the premiere?

The only living representative of the famous family is Kevin, who after retiring moved to Hawaii, where he still lives with his wife and four children, who continue the family wrestling tradition. They are responsible for “Brothers of Steel”, directed by Sean Durkin and produced by the A24 studio. – These people really put their hearts into what they do and want to do a great job – Kevin von Erich on the “Haus of Wrestling” podcast, admitting that he was initially not positive about the idea.

The cast of the film will feature a galaxy of the biggest stars. The character of Kevin will be created by , and the other members of the von Erich family will be played by, among others: Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson and Holt McCallany. The world premiere of “Brothers of Steel” is scheduled for December 21, 2023. In turn, the film will debut on Polish cinema screens only on February 16, 2024.

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