Your director, Isabel Coixet, I knew it. He, Hugo Silva, also: his character was going to be hated by viewers from the beginning for being the typical ‘cuñao’. That was the first conclusion they came to when she offered him the role of her. But thanks to this performance, the actor from ‘Paco’s Men’ (and also an Almodóvar boy) has taken his first nomination for a Goya: Best Supporting Actor. She is not the only one in the film based on the novel of the same name by Sara Mesa.

The story has as its protagonist Nat (Laia Costa)a thirty-year-old who, after escape from your overwhelming city life, finds refuge in a small town, deep in rural Spain. In a rustic, dilapidated house, accompanied by a wild, uncouth dog, Nat tries to rebuild her life again. After facing hostility from her landlord and distrust from the town’s inhabitants, Nat ends up discovering herself by accepting a disturbing proposal from her neighbor Andreas (Hovik Keuchkerian). From this strange treatment arises a devouring and obsessive passion which ends up consuming Nat and making her question the type of woman she thinks she is.

Within the story, the character of Hugo Silva, Peteris part of those fake neighbors or friendly-faced manipulators which Nat faces. Píter is the protagonist’s glass-making neighbor, who sells himself as the most modern in town. However, his toxic nature and his tendency to mansplaining They are evident from the beginning, as well as his love for Neruda’s poetry and prefabricated self-help phrases.

The director, Isabel Coixet, assured, in statements collected by Fotogramas, that Silva was always her first choice for this character. She knew that he would play the negative character in the film.

“I have to tell you that, from the beginning, For me he was horror. When I thought about the negative character in the movie, for me it was him. It is very mean, very mean and very habitual“, confessed the director in an interview.

Coixet was and is aware that Hugo Silva was an actor with much more potential than his roles provided him. “I knew that this role was very complicated because We have all had a Píter in our lives. He does it in a way that you can see what a bastard he isunderneath that layer of good vibes,” he noted. What’s more, in a talk with the public in Madrid, Coixet admitted that when he played Píter, she wanted to hit him all the time..

For Silva, it was a proposal that made him very happy and which he has enjoyed very much. Embodying this character, which he defines as “a manipulative-passive-good-natured type “the kind that make you feel guilty if you don’t pay attention to them,” has served as revenge against the toxic people I have encountered in life, he revealed in an interview with ‘Esquire’.

This Goya nomination adds to his other recognitions. The most recent, the nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the Feroz Awards. He was nominated for the Actors Union Awards for best actor in an International Production for ‘Top Boy’; ‘My Big Night’, and the series ‘Lies Passages’, ‘The Ministry of Time’ and ‘Los Hombres de Paco’.