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Zofia Zborowska changed her hair color.  There is no trace of the pink left.  “Oh my God”

Zofia Zborowska changed her hair color. There is no trace of the pink left. “Oh my God”

Zofia Zborowska surprised again on Instagram. She recently announced that she is pregnant and expecting her second daughter, and now she has completely changed the color of her hair. A successful metamorphosis? – “Mr. Andrzej will have a new wife”, “It’s your color!” – we read in the comments.

Zosia Zborowska is very popular on the Internet, and her Instagram account is followed by over 499,000 people. people with whom the actress shares selected moments from her life. Internet users highly appreciate her naturalness, sense of humor, ease and great distance. For the past few months, pink has reigned supreme on Zosia Zborowska’s head, but it’s time for a change.

Zofia Zborowska showed off her metamorphosis. The new hair color was a hit

Zofia Zborowska published a video on her Instagram profile, recorded straight from the hairdressing salon, in which she showed off her new hairstyle. The actress replaced pink with a deep shade of brown. – New hair, don’t care #byebyepink #hellobrown #newhair – she wrote briefly. Zosia Zborowska’s followers received her metamorphosis very positively, and there were many compliments and words of admiration in the comments.

– “Fantastic!!!! You look so beautiful in them!!!”, “Mr. Andrzej will have a new wife”, “It’s your color!”, “God, the color is awesome”, “That’s it”, “And next time I visit, I will ask for a hairstyle like Zborowska”, “OMG wonderful”, “Great decision” – we read.

Zofia Zborowska is pregnant. She is expecting her second daughter

There were even voices under the post that Zosia Zborowska looked so radiant while pregnant that “it’s probably going to be a boy.” However, when three weeks ago, using a charming recording, she and Andrzej Wrona announced that their second child would be born in 2024, they also revealed the gender. – I’m going to have a little sister – . – I wonder if the Wrona Sisters will be as temperamental as the Neves Sisters – commented Zosia Zborowska’s sister then.

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