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Advent calendar 2023 DIY – treat yourself to a gift before Christmas for a whole year of intense work

Advent calendar 2023 DIY – treat yourself to a gift before Christmas for a whole year of intense work

Are you interested in the 2023 Advent calendar? Counting down the days until Christmas can be turned into fantastic fun. When looking for ideas for a simple and effective Advent calendar, check out some ready-made inspirations.

Advent calendar with cosmetics, chocolates, tea – ready-made product vs. DIY

Right after November 1, you can buy ready-made ones with very different contents on store shelves. Every self-respecting brand releases its own product that can be used as a Christmas gift for a loved one. A ready-made Advent calendar with cosmetics or hair accessories costs PLN 200 or more. The contents remain a secret, but before purchasing a specific calendar, it is worth checking the description of the contents on the back of the packaging or watching the unboxing on the Internet. Top influencers prepare dedicated videos on this topic. You may find the content disappointing and simply not worth the price. It is worth emphasizing that in the case of a calendar, we pay primarily for marketing and original packaging.

Advent calendars – DIY ideas

Do you want to know a better idea on how to manage the amount you need to spend on a ready-made calendar? Check out how to make an Advent calendar that will be equally impressive and will allow you to spend the lion’s share of the amount on the content.

Paper houses with any content

Paper packaging in various sizes can be used to create a small Advent town.

  • Just cover colorful packaging with neutral-colored paper, then paint doors and windows on it.
  • Then, using cardboard and double-sided tape, we attach roofs made of cardboard triangles.
  • We paint the next number from the calendar on each “house”.
  • Then we put the previously purchased cosmetics and desired accessories inside.

Such a town calendar can create an interesting decoration on a windowsill or a bookcase.

How to make an Advent calendar from paper rolls? We give you a hint

This widely available material is an excellent base for an Advent calendar. Below are detailed instructions.

  • We start by painting each roll red.
  • Then we paint the numbers one by one.
  • Finally, you need to prepare the closure along with the Styrofoam flame. The flame can also be made of fabric or cardboard.
  • In the next step, we fill each roll with another surprise and place the finished ones in the world, for example on a chest of drawers.

Advent calendar – mini gifts on a branch

This is a simple and very effective idea that does not require artistic skills or long preparations.

  • Just wrap the items for the calendar in colorful paper.
  • We number each package and tie it with natural string.
  • Then, the finished packages should be hung on a dry branch that can be used to decorate a window frame or wall.

Advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree

A gift for each subsequent day does not have to be a material item, but an interesting experience: cinema tickets, a spa voucher, a swimming pool pass, or home tickets for a romantic dinner or massage.

The 2022 Advent calendar will make the waiting time for Christmas more pleasant. Illustrative photo istock / Elena Mishina

  • To make this Christmas tree-shaped Advent calendar, you will need envelopes in a solid color, such as red or green.
  • Then the envelopes should be numbered and a different surprise placed in each one.
  • In the next step, use double-sided tape to stick the envelopes to the wall, creating the shape of a Christmas tree.

Advent calendar – bag vertigo

To make this Advent calendar you will need scraps of fabric, natural string, a wooden ladder and a black marker.

  • We start by wrapping the surprises in fabric, which should then be tied with a bow with a loop.
  • In the next step, we decorate each bag with a number.
  • We hang ready packages on a ladder: you can use, for example, a towel rack.

Advent bookcase step by step

A proposition for avid readers. We pack a set of books and favorite magazines in gift paper. Then we place all the books on the shelf and number them sequentially according to the list of days in the calendar.

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