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Argentines have mixed feelings and doubts after Milei’s victory

Argentines have mixed feelings and doubts after Milei’s victory

Some Argentines woke up on Monday relieved by the victory of the ultraliberal Javier Milei In the presidential runoff, others expressed concern about some of his radical proposals, but almost all those consulted expressed uncertainty at a time of severe economic crisis.

Milei defeated the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, with almost the 56% of the votes against the 44.3% of the official candidate, in a context of general unrest due to inflation close to 150% and a poverty of 40%.

“I am very happy and I am glad that Argentina is not lost in the cheap populism of Massa and all that disgusting progressivism that no longer works”Leandro Boses, a 31-year-old private security guard, told Reuters Television.

The triumph of Milei, an economist who has recently come to aggressive politics who proposes closing the central bank and dollarizing the economy, shows the citizens’ choice of a new proposal and a strong rejection of the Peronist Government, which they blame for the debacle. of the economy.

“Between the two, I think the best option was him (Milei). I didn’t like Massa, since being the Minister of Economy and already being in power, he was doing things wrong and couldn’t generate a change and Milei who is outside convinced you a little more “said Mauro Rivero, a 21-year-old waiter.

But other Argentines expressed concern about Milei’s disruptive proposals such as the privatization of state firms, the reform of the health and education systems, his denial of climate change, his criticism of legal abortion and his attacks on trade partners such as Brazil and China. .

The next Government will face serious obstacles to promoting its measures because it does not have regional governors or mayors, which limits its power in the provinces, where the lithium, copper and oil reserves are located.

Furthermore, in Congress, La Libertad Avanza, the party founded by Milei, only has seven seats out of 72 in the Senate and 38 out of 257 in the Chamber of Deputies, which would make it difficult for it to approve reforms.

Milei, who had obtained less than a third of the votes in the first round of elections, received a boost with the support of conservatives, especially former president Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich, who came third in the general elections.

“The truth is that it is a great unknown. I personally did not vote for it, I felt it was like a leap into the void. God willing that he surprises us, but I’m a little scared of Macri who is behind him. Let’s hope that people haven’t made a mistake, but hey, we have to respect what the majority decided.”said Guillermo Toledo, a 51-year-old university professor.

Source: Reuters.

Source: Gestion

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