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Katarzyna Pakosiñska’s daughter inherited not only her identical smile.  The 19-year-old also chose the stage

Katarzyna Pakosiñska’s daughter inherited not only her identical smile. The 19-year-old also chose the stage

Katarzyna Pakosiñska has been protecting her daughter’s privacy for years. However, Maja is already an adult and has chosen her own path, which is connected with popularity. She is very active on TikTok, and she also decided on a field of study that even surprised her mother.

Katarzyna Pakosińska gained popularity with Kabaret Moranych Niepokoju, which she founded in 1996 with her friends from college. Her characteristic laugh heralded subsequent successful skits. In 2011, Pakosińska’s long and successful adventure in the mentioned cabaret ended.

Katarzyna Pakosińska’s daughter also chose a career on stage

In an interview with Wysokie Obcasy, the comedian explained that her colleagues were willing to perform wherever and whenever possible. Pakosińska had to divide her time between the stage and her daughter Maja, who was born in 2003 and could not afford additional orders. “The child’s holidays were ending. A new lesson plan. And I had to deal with it. I had planned that I would come back from the tour and take care of Maja. This additional performance in Bydgoszcz complicated the matter,” said the comedian.

Pakosińska refused to perform to focus on motherhood. “Without any introductions, I heard: ‘You perform or you’re fired.’ And I was fired,” she described the circumstances of her breakup with Kabaret Moranych Niepokoju. Even though she devoted an important part of her life to her daughter, Pakosińska still believes that she is not the best mother. “I think I’m a better aunt than a mother. As a mother, I made a lot of mistakes, burdening Maja, who was growing next to me, with a lot of things that I shouldn’t have put on her,” the comedian explained in the “Po stepmother” podcast.

Who is Maja Pakosińska? The daughter of a famous comedian wants to become an actress

Pakosińska protected her daughter’s privacy for a long time. She avoided her topics in interviews and left it to her to decide whether she wanted to be recognized. Maja Wiaderny is already an adult and started appearing in the media. In January, she visited the “Dzień Dobry TVN” program with her mother, where she confessed that she was preparing for exams at theater school.

Pakosińska did not hide her surprise at her daughter’s choice, because she had been showing her the darker side of performing on stage since she was a child. “I don’t have a colored image, so I’m sure I want to do it,” Maja said in the program.

Maja is very active on TikTok, where you can find a girl called Zwiadrowana. In the recordings, she emphasizes that she is a huge fan of Taylor Swift. The 19-year-old is already followed by over 24,000 users and has collected almost two million likes under her videos. Although Pakosińska’s daughter has a completely different style, hair color and way of moving than her mother, there is a great similarity between the ladies. Especially when they smile.

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