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It’s the last day!  Don’t overpay and run to Lidl.  Prices from PLN 1.99 per piece.  Bargains also in Biedronka

It’s the last day! Don’t overpay and run to Lidl. Prices from PLN 1.99 per piece. Bargains also in Biedronka

As All Saints’ Day approaches, we start to look for bouquets, candles and their inserts. You can find ones that will burn for a really long time and are also inexpensive in Lidl, Biedronka and Kaufland.

When going to the graves of their loved ones on the occasion of the upcoming All Saints’ Day, many people cannot imagine not lighting a symbolic candle on them. However, it is worth remembering that each such purchase will sooner or later end up in the trash, generating more garbage. Instead of buying new candles again, replace the inserts. In this simple way, you will not only save a lot of money, but also take care of the environment. Especially since you can currently find very favorable offers in stores. Where to look for them?

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Lidl: All Saints’ Day offer. Instead of buying candles, replace the inserts in them

You can buy inserts in Lidl in two sizes. Depending on your choice, they will burn for 45 or 38 hours. However, if you want to take advantage of the promotion, you better hurry because it only lasts until the end of Saturday. In addition to the candles themselves, the store’s offer also includes various types of candles at promotional prices and packages, as well as bouquets and bouquets of artificial flowers.

Candle inserts in Lidl

Biedronka: candles and inserts in advantageous packages. Various types to choose from

A large selection of candle inserts, both paraffin and oil, can be found at . Depending on the size and material they are made of, you can buy them from PLN 2.79. In addition, the store has also prepared favorable discounts if you decide to buy more items.

Biedronka, candle insertsBiedronka, candle inserts Leaflet on

It is worth knowing that at the end of Saturday there is also an interesting promotion for candles. This means that when you buy four, you get the fifth one (the cheapest) for free. Importantly, they do not have to be the same. You can freely mix different types, patterns and sizes.

Kaufland promotional leaflet: candle inserts. They will burn for up to 170 hours

The Kaufland store also offers a huge selection of candle refills, both paraffin and oil. They are sold individually, but some of them have an additional 2+1 promotion. Depending on their size, they can burn from 60 to even 170 hours. The choice is really large.

Candle inserts at a promotional priceCandle inserts at a promotional price

In addition to the inserts, at a favorable price you will also receive LED candles with batteries that will glow for up to 50 days, as well as artificial flowers and bouquets, for example dahlias or chrysanthemums, and various grave decorations.

Source: Gazeta

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