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How to close ziplock bags?  Do it using the “straw method”.  Food will stay fresh longer

How to close ziplock bags? Do it using the “straw method”. Food will stay fresh longer

We use them every day, but we don’t always think about how to close them properly. Many people still do it wrong. Fortunately, the solution is simple. You only need one item.

Many people cannot imagine life without small, yet very practical, string bags. They are most often used to protect food for humans and animals, jewelry, toys, small tools or documents. It’s a quick, easy and cheap way to secure valuable items. They provide protection against mechanical damage, moisture and dirt. Thanks to the string clasp, which is durable and tight, they can be opened and closed conveniently.

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How to close ziplock bags? A simple trick will turn it into a vacuum bag

Ziplock bags are a handy kitchen tool that take up less space than containers and are durable enough to be reusable. Thanks to them, we do not lose additional space, and most importantly, the packaged products stay fresh longer. Each bag has a string, something like a zipper. Most people place the food inside and close the whole thing up. Sometimes it also happens that we squeeze air out of the food, which contributes to the development of mold and bacteria on the surface of the food. To quickly and easily change an ordinary ziplock bag into a vacuum bag, use… a straw.

  1. Place the food in the bag.
  2. Close it with the string placed on top.
  3. Place a straw inside before closing it all the way.
  4. Mechanically push the air out and remove the rest with a straw.

Can string bags be washed in the dishwasher? You will do it without fear of destruction

Reusable food string bags are great if you want to give up single-use plastic bags that end up in the trash after use. The bags are usually made of durable, colorless polyethylene. Thanks to this, they can be safely washed in the dishwasher and will be reusable.

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