Hollywood actors’ union SAG-AFTRA has agreed to meet with studio representatives next Monday to continue negotiations on a new collective agreementafter more than two months of strike.

In a message published on the social network on Wednesday Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP)including the main studios, from October 2.

“We encourage you to continue to go to the picket lines every day,” the group said in its message. Since the strikes began in July, negotiations had been completely frozen.

The announcement comes just hours after the end of the Hollywood screenwriters’ strikewho had not worked since May to demand improvements in their pay for the streaming and protection against, among other things, the use of artificial intelligence.

The dispute was apparently resolved on Sunday, when the AMPTP and writers’ union (WGA) leaders announced an agreement in principle that includes many of the union’s demands, although this has yet to be ratified by the grassroots.

The actors’ union shares many of the screenwriters’ demandsso it is hoped that the resolution of the conflict with the WGA will pave the way for the artists.

SAG-AFTRA began its strike on July 14, forcing the halt of filming on several productions and the release of highly anticipated films such as Dune: part two. (JO)