After a morning of yoga and some disagreements, the members of the house arrived fame challenge They chose the first designated one of the week.

‘Challenge to fame’: Carolina Jaume hints that Troi Alvarado is taking care of her six-month-old son while his wife, Arianna Mejía, is ‘on national television and with a single man’

Each member of the winning team had to choose the one they thought was the worst from the losing team. It was so Sebastian Tamayo He pointed to Suriel because he considers him a direct competitor. Ariana Mejia He pointed to the ‘Very’ because he didn’t talk much on the podcast.

Carla Bucaram He pointed to Wagner because he felt he lacked a little more motivation. Natalie He also pointed to the ‘Muy’ because he believes it should be more integrated. Thursday Day He pointed to Allan Papy. “He realizes that I am his direct competition.”the participant responded.

Alberto pointed out Jaume for dominating the podcast. Normandi singled out Antonio for a conflict they had before. Kachafa also pointed to the ‘Muy’.

Then the same team had to select the worst member, and with five votes, Jaume was the chosen one. Her colleagues believed that the actress has a high ego, wants to be the center of attention and did not let others express themselves on the podcast.