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Bedoes 2115 breaks off cooperation with Gargamel.  “I’m pissed off and I’m sorry”

Bedoes 2115 breaks off cooperation with Gargamel. “I’m pissed off and I’m sorry”

There are still echoes of the scandal involving YouTuber Gargamel, whose ex-girlfriend published shocking facts about their relationship. The influencer was accused of grooming, i.e. using and manipulating a person younger than himself. Bedoes 2115, who has been cooperating with Gargamel for several months, commented on this information. There is no good news for him.

Jakub “Gargamel” Chuptyś once ran one of the most popular commentary channels on Polish YouTube, where he published videos exposing harmful statements and bad statements of other influencers. He also had his own radio show on Radio 4, and later pursued a career as a streamer and podcaster. It turns out that he himself did not do the right thing in the past.

Gargamel was the star of the network. Now his ex-girlfriend accuses him of violence

On Monday evening, his ex-girlfriend, Laura Klaus, published a video on TikTok in which she admitted that she had been a victim of violent behavior during her relationship with the YouTuber. The girl was only 16 years old when she started dating Chuptyś, who was then 25. Klaus currently lives abroad and she dared to describe how she was treated by the famous creator.

I was afraid that sick and misogynistic Kuba fans would hurt me. I’m tired of sitting quietly. I’m fed up with other victims of such people also remaining silent. For fear of the consequences. In 2020, I fell victim to grooming and aggressive behavior by Gargamel, known to all of you. I was 16 when we started dating.

In the recording, she also showed text messages and recordings of the argument. “Become as Frankenstein as all these f***ing idiots who never love them,” Gargamel said to Laura, referring to her body piercings. Laura Klaus also mentioned that Gargamel had problems with alcohol. She admitted that she had repeatedly asked him to change, but violent behavior was still the order of the day. He, in turn, allegedly manipulated her constantly, which almost led her to commit suicide.

Our relationship lasted until 2021, until the incident when a drunk Kuba barged into my apartment, started calling me names and hitting me, she confessed in the recording.

The YouTuber reacted to the recording and published a statement in which he apologized and talked about his alcohol addiction and the fact that he went to rehab two years ago. “Regarding the video that appeared tonight, I have a few words from myself: I apologize to my ex-girlfriend and admit to the mistakes I made – what I did in 2020 is unforgivable and there is no excuse for my actions. I feel sorry for this “I am very ashamed, but I am ready to accept all the consequences of these actions,” he wrote.

Gargamel cooperated with Bedoes 2115. The rapper strongly addressed the matter

One of the famous people who reacted to these reports is Bedoes 2115, who cooperated with Chuptyś. A famous YouTuber was his concert DJ. The rapper said he didn’t know about the whole situation because he had only been working with Gargamel for a few months and didn’t see him very often. Moreover, he stated that apart from his professional life, he had no other relationship with him. He informed that he does not support violence and is ending cooperation with the YouTuber:

Hey, I get a lot of questions about what I think about the Gargamel situation and whether I knew about it. What kind of question is this, what do I think about this situation? I’m pissed, I’m sorry. I’m in shock. How should I feel? I found out about it just like everyone else. This situation happened a few years ago. I have been working with Gargamel for a few months. We met for some interviews, I had no idea about this situation. Gargamel no longer works with us. I read his statement on Facebook, I watched this tiktok. Well f***… I’m just sorry. I’m pissed off. I wish both this girl and Kuba that everyone will find their own peace, but please don’t involve me in this situation, because everyone probably knows what I think about it – said Bedoes 2115 in the shared instastory.

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