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She has been married for almost 20 years.  Although she is in a relationship with a famous journalist, they do not pose on walls

She has been married for almost 20 years. Although she is in a relationship with a famous journalist, they do not pose on walls

Ewa Drzyzga and Marcin Borowski met before the journalist started her adventure with television. They have been married for years, but they avoid making joint appearances. What is known about their relationship and why do they protect their privacy so carefully?

is a popular host whom viewers know well from programs such as “Dzień Dobry TVN” or the now cult “Rozmowy w toku”. Before she started her adventure with television, Drzyzga worked in radio. There she met her second husband, Marcin Borowski. The couple has been protecting their privacy for years. They do not appear on walls together and do not give interviews together. What is known about their relationship?

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Ewa Drzyzga and Marcin Borowski protect privacy. “This must also be respected”

According to the portal “”, Ewa Drzyzga and Marcin Borowski met while working at RMF FM radio. In the 1990s, the woman completed a three-month internship at Polish Radio, and later developed her career at RMF FM for 10 years.

Ewa Drzyzga’s first husband was Andrzej Roszak, a producer of the Krakow branch of TVP. The couple broke up quite quickly. Marcin Borowski is her second husband. The couple got married in 2004, so next year they will celebrate their twentieth anniversary. They have two children. The spouses combine work and family responsibilities and avoid appearing in front of cameras together. They both prefer to be perceived as journalists rather than public figures. – I don’t want to reveal my privacy to the world. I talked to over 25,000 people who had such a need. I don’t have to add my story to it. I care about listening to these people, not talking about myself. Especially since this is not only my story, but there is a third party involved. This must also be respected – said Drzyzga in an interview for “Gala”.

The only exception regarding marital relations was made by Ewa Drzyzga when rumors about a crisis in the couple’s relationship appeared. According to “”, a few years ago the presenter and her husband clearly commented on this topic. – We do not intend to comment on any reports or speculations on this subject. We ask you to respect our and our loved ones’ right to privacy. We do not consent to the publication or dissemination of any information or personal data regarding our loved ones, including our children, and in this respect we will take legal measures to protect their right to privacy, they informed.

Ewa Drzyzga. The presenter’s husband also has many professional successes

Marcin Borowski first worked at Radio Eska, and later, in 1997, he started working at RMF FM. From October 1998 to August 2000, he held the position of director of the RMF FM Warszawa branch. From 2007, he produced the TVN intervention program “Uwaga!”, and after 15 years he returned to work at RMF FM. Now he hosts morning press reviews on RMF Classic.

Source: Gazeta

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