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She stole the hearts of viewers with her role in “Dirty Dancing”.  One complex ruined her career

She stole the hearts of viewers with her role in “Dirty Dancing”. One complex ruined her career

She stole the hearts of viewers with her role in “Dirty Dancing”.  One complex ruined her career

A storm of curls, innate charisma and a radiant smile – this was enough for 27-year-old Jennifer Gray to steal the hearts of viewers with her role as Baba in the cult film “Dirty Dancing”. Her beauty was envied by multitudes of women from all over the world, yet Gray – as she admitted in her autobiography – had many complexes. One of them actually turned out to be an asset, and getting rid of him led to the slow decline of the actress’s career.

During a family vacation, 13-year-old Jennifer heard words from her mother that stayed in her memory for years: “Your brother is beautiful, and you… you look interesting.” The actress admits that she was completely shocked. “I knew my mother loved me and it’s possible she was just stating a fact. I don’t think she wanted to be malicious,” she said. Even though 14 years later millions of women envied her beauty, she herself assessed her appearance very critically.

Over the years, people mostly saw her as Frances “Baby” Houseman

After the premiere of the work, which has now gained cult status, the world saw it mainly as Frances “Baby” Houseman; a young, charming girl who twirls and dances with Johnny Castle. Even though the movie was released in 1987, it seems like not much has changed since then. Especially since Gray has no other roles that would come even slightly close in fame to the dance romance beloved by the audience. It turns out that one decision influenced the actress’ further career.

She wanted to get rid of the complex – she ruined her career

The role of “Baby” was supposed to be a turning point in the career of the young actress. However, this did not happen. Even though after the premiere of “Dirty Dancing” women from all over the world tried to look like Grey, wearing high-waisted pants and trying to recreate her characteristic hairstyle, she was still very critical of her beauty. One thing in particular bothered her: her nose. She wanted to change it at all costs – that’s why she decided to undergo plastic surgery.

The actress did not think through only one thing: it was her characteristic type of beauty that distinguished her from other people in the industry. A delicate, raven nose and a storm of curls on her head delighted directors and producers, who claimed that Gray “had something about her”. However, everything changed after the procedure.

“I left the room as a nobody”

In some interviews, Jennifer Gray admitted that her slightly raven nose bothered her so much that she couldn’t look at herself on screen. So she made a decision that she regretted for many years: she underwent rhinoplasty. – I entered the hall as a famous person and left as a nobody – the star confessed via the WP portal. The opinions of the crowd of her fans were similar; They claimed that the treatment changed her beyond recognition and was completely unnecessary. “I will always be that once-famous actress that no one recognizes because she has a nose job,” Gray said at the time. Unfortunately, some of her dark thoughts came true. After “Dirty Dancing”, the star played in several other productions, but they did not make as much of an impression on the audience as before.

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