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Senior!  You can double your pension.  You only need to do one thing

Senior! You can double your pension. You only need to do one thing

Can you increase your pension? Many people who are still far from retirement wonder about this. It turns out that at the moment there are three ways in which the benefit can be higher. What should I do? We give you a hint.

For the sake of a dignified and peaceful future, many people wonder what to do to receive a high salary. It turns out that there are methods that will allow you to increase, and sometimes even double, your retirement benefit. How does it work and what should you do? We give you a hint.

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Can you increase your pension? You can even double it

Thanks to the annual increase, many seniors can count on an increase in their pension benefits. Unfortunately, the reality is often not very rosy, all because of the ever-increasing costs of living. In addition to waiting for indexation, there are also several other methods that will allow you to increase your pension. What should you do?

  1. Pension recalculation. Submit an application to ZUS and it is possible that the amount after conversion will be higher. If it is lower, your benefit amount will not change.
  2. Determining the initial capital. Submit documents to ZUS that were previously omitted (certificates and employment certificates, etc.).
  3. Longer work. If you work after reaching retirement age, even 1 year of work may result in an increase in your pension amount by as much as 20 percent. Over time, the benefit may even double.

How to double your pension? For this senior, the work paid off

The “” portal shows, for example, a man to whom ZUS in Zabrze pays the highest pension in Poland – in the amount of over PLN 43,000. zloty. The man had worked for over 62 years, and the amount of his benefit increased significantly thanks to his work after reaching retirement age. Due to his estimated short life span (the man is now about 90 years old) and his large retirement capital, he managed to obtain a staggering amount.

Source: Gazeta

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