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Fans of Polish cinema surely know the answer.  When asked about the cult comedy in “Millionaires”, she shot

Fans of Polish cinema surely know the answer. When asked about the cult comedy in “Millionaires”, she shot

Episode 655 of “Millionaires” was entirely devoted to Mrs. Beata from Bielsko-Biała. The participant was not afraid of risk and reached the guaranteed amount of PLN 40,000. Along the way, however, she used all the lifelines, and one of the questions about a Polish film could have been useful.

The athlete knew that buns are steamed dumplings, and in Jules Verne’s novels they appear in miles – not inches, yards and feet. Thanks to the audience’s help, she correctly noted that Mielec is not only the name of the city, but also the name of the back part of the birds’ stomach. She also got it right in the question about the opera “Princess Turandot” and pointed out that the mandarin informs the candidate for husband about the challenge in front of the palace in Beijing.

Millionaires. The participant surprised the audience with her courage, she took risks all the time

When asked about giant scallops, the participant correctly indicated by elimination that they do not grow in the forest. However, the risk was demanding for Mrs. Beata. When PLN 10,000 landed in her account, she joked that she would spend the money “on a cardiologist”, emphasizing her stress. The participant was unable to cope with the question about the invasive ladybug. She asked for a half and half wheel and marked the correct answer. The insect was imported to fight aphids from Asia.

The PLN 40,000 question concerned the meaning of the word “trefny”. Mrs. Beata asked her sister for help, but the participant’s relative did not know the answer. This did not stop her from selecting the correct option – in old Poland, “trefny” meant “ridiculous”.

Millionaires. A question was asked about the movie “Boys Don’t Cry”

Mrs. Beata declared that her sister was much better at understanding pop culture than she was. Therefore, “a phone call to a friend” could have been a bit more useful for the participant in the case of the PLN 75,000 question. “‘It’s hard to find a good babysitter… But it’s even harder to find a good baby’. Who says this line in the movie ‘Boys Don’t Cry’?” – Hubert Urbański asked a question.

The participant admitted that she had seen the film, but she was not a fan of it. Nevertheless, she decided to take the risk again. She marked the correct answer – Andrzej Mleczko. Mrs. Beata’s game ended with a question worth PLN 125,000. “This healthy adult Muslim will break his fast if on one of the mornings of Ramadan:” – was the riddle. The participant marked “eat something out of forgetfulness”, but the correct answer was “get a nutritional drip”. The contestant left the studio with PLN 40,000 in her account.

Source: Gazeta

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