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When to plant fruit trees – in autumn or spring?  We know the best date for new seedlings

When to plant fruit trees – in autumn or spring? We know the best date for new seedlings

Many people wonder when to plant fruit trees. It is generally accepted that the best dates are spring and autumn, but some gardeners prefer only one of them. Thanks to this, the crops will take root quickly, and during the season they will immediately delight you with their lush growth.

Planting fruit trees is not a difficult task. However, it is worth choosing the right date for such action to not only save time, but also get better results. When to plant fruit trees for the best harvest? It turns out that the opportune moment will come any moment now.

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When is the best time to plant fruit trees? In autumn or spring?

According to various recommendations, planting should take place in spring or autumn, although in some cases it can be done all year round if the ground is not frozen. If you are planning to plant fruit trees, it is better not to postpone this activity until spring, but be prepared for autumn garden work. Why is this the best time to do it? In autumn, you don’t have to worry about drought and the scorching sun, which could protect the leaves of young trees. The soil is loose, and thanks to this, the seedlings will take root quickly.

However, you should start working at the end of September or the beginning of October to complete planting by November. This will allow the trees to establish themselves before the frost arrives. By deciding on autumn planting, you will save time and money because you will not have to spend these funds on additional watering. In spring, you will also have to prepare the garden for planting after winter, which will add additional responsibilities to you.

What fruit trees can be planted next to each other? Check how to plant fruit trees

However, before planning to plant fruit trees in the garden, it is good to familiarize yourself with what species can be planted next to each other. Some matchups will benefit each other, encouraging growth, or they will simply not compete. You can choose combinations such as plum, mulberry and cherry, or even plant cherries, plums and cherries next to each other.

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