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iPhone battery life is shorter after updating?  The new iOS has problems.  What to do?

iPhone battery life is shorter after updating? The new iOS has problems. What to do?

The latest version of the iOS operating system is causing problems on some older iPhones. Users complain about drastically high energy consumption, and tests confirm their observations. So what should you do to avoid stepping on a landmine?

Exactly a week ago, Apple presented the new iPhone 15 and Apple Watch, but the conference also announced new versions of operating systems for the company’s devices, including the iPhone. iOS 17, because we are talking about it, is now available to all users, which means that smartphones with a bitten apple on the casing should receive a notification about the proposed update.

iPhone lasts less time on one charge? It’s iOS 17 that drains the battery more

However, everything indicates that it is not worth rushing it. First users reported that their smartphones after updating to iOS 17 began to operate slightly shorter on one charge. In some cases, especially in older versions of iPhones, the differences are said to be quite significant.

The hosts of the iAppleBytes YouTube channel decided to check whether the subjective user experiences are true. Five Apple smartphones were examined and each was updated to the latest version of iOS 17. The competitors included iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR and iPhone 11, 12 and 13, most of which are quite old devices. It turns out that each of the smartphones running iOS 17 recorded worse battery performance results than in the case of the previous version of the software (iOS 16.7).

By far the greatest drop in performance among the tested models occurred in the case of the very old iPhone XR (premiered in 2018) and the not-so-old, two-year-old iPhone 13. Both smartphones recorded the worst battery life results since iOS 15. In other smartphones, the differences – although visible – were much smaller.

Apparently, the latest iOS 17 requires a bit more involvement from the processor, which results in higher energy consumption and shorter working time on one charge. So if you still haven’t updated to the latest version of the system, it may be worth waiting a while longer. Perhaps Apple will soon release another version of iOS that will improve the situation a bit.

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