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Put ketchup on your hair and the results will be amazing! This is an effective way to restore their color

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Cosmetics straight from the kitchen. Mayonnaise, linseed, and oil

The content of kitchen cabinets has surprising beauty properties. No wonder, because many cosmetics are based on food ingredients. When it comes to hair, it is great for, for example, linseed or coconut oil treatment. Hairdressing specialists have discovered that mayonnaise is brilliant in regenerating hair. This method sounds quite abstract, but when you look at the ingredients, it is understandable, because for centuries eggs have been a great way to take care of your hair, and the addition of oil, sugar and vinegar intensifies the effect.

Ketchup for blondes. Goodbye green glow!

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As it turns out, his close neighbor from the refrigerator also works great – ketchup. However, it has a slightly different effect, and especially blondes should be interested in it. Home coloring your hair is that its effects can be somewhat uncontrolled. Blonde hair is easily lightened in the sun, they can have different shades and therefore are not uniform, so the paint can work very differently. Especially when we want to switch from cool shades to warm shades and vice versa. If we have a green shade problem, then a ketchup mask will be a great way to minimize this unwanted effect or tomato paste. The ketchup neutralizes the yellowish-green color. It is enough to massage the ketchup in or thoroughly with a comb and wait at least 20 minutes. The sugar content also facilitates absorption. Then wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and apply a conditioner.

It is worth remembering about this cheap and effective method.

Source: Gazeta

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