Galo Arellano launched another program that he had been preparing for six years. An Ecuadorian journalist living in the United States is very aware of his country and the sectors that need a boost, such as the commercial sector.

With Nadie sala como entrar, it is planned to open the “commercial door”, through a Gala conversation with important Ecuadorian businessmen who will talk about their career and business opportunities in the market. “I can’t believe that the premiere of a magnificent and ambitious project that started more than 6 years ago is so close. Moving on was a titanic challenge because many doors were closed, many underestimated me, but did not count on my steely tenacity”.

In his latest Instagram post, @Galoecuador says this segment comes “at critical times in a way that has to be seen to be believed.” Although he received a lot of negative comments, this is a project he believes in because he wants these experts to tell their achievements from their experience.

“Do you really think that the most important businessmen in the country will sit on your show?”, is a question that many people asked him, but Galo continued and will finally make his premiere this Saturday, July 1, at 8 p.m. p.m

That’s not the only good news for the Emmy-winning journalist. “I will find out what will be my new house in Ecuador. I will premiere two programs, the first is already known to most #ecuatorianosenelmundo, and my new proposal is called #nadiesalecomoenter. We will take turns, one Saturday you will be able to enjoy #ecuatorianosenelmundo, another #nobodysalecomoenter and so on until you decide”, he explains.

From now on they send him proposals for a new program: “Congratulations my friend, the next program must deal with so many foreigners who have arrived in this wonderful country (the United States) and who are fighting day by day side by side with our Ecuadorian brothers. ” ( AND)