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The Polish girl made a sensation in the German “The Voice Kids”.  Her mother is an actress known from “Klan”

The Polish girl made a sensation in the German “The Voice Kids”. Her mother is an actress known from “Klan”

The jurors of the German “The Voice Kids” were delighted with the performance of the Polish woman. The girl sang one of the most popular songs from Disney’s cartoons, causing a sensation among the viewers of the program. It turned out that the 10-year-old is the daughter of the “Klan” actress and joined the jury of Polish descent. Do you remember this show?

The program was created with musically gifted children in mind. The Polish version of the show has already emerged many young stars who are now successfully making a career in the industry and on stage. Speech, among others o , Wiki Gabor or Sara James. Some time ago, our compatriot appeared in the German version of the format, and her phenomenal performance put the jurors on the shoulder.

The actress of “Clan” has a talented daughter. Idalia made a splash in the German “The Voice Kids”

Idalia Orman-Borucka appeared at the casting for the German edition in 2018. The girl is the daughter of a well-known Polish actress, Aldona Orman, who has many roles in popular television productions. She performed, among others in “Colors of Happiness” or “First Love”. The greatest popularity, however, brought her the role of Barbara Milecka for years. It turns out that the 10-year-old inherited not only talent from her mother, but also the freedom to be on stage.

The juror of the German “The Voice Kids” is of Polish descent. Idalia was added to his team

During the blind audition, Idalia Orman-Borucka performed the song “When Your Wish Upon a Star”, referred to as the “Disney anthem”. The song is known to viewers from the beloved movie “Pinocchio”. Her performance stunned the judges and made all four chairs turn around. There was no end to the joy. During a conversation with the coaches, the 10-year-old confessed that her family supports her behind the scenes, including her famous mother. When asked where she comes from, she proudly announced that she was Polish.

Hearing these words, Mark Forster suddenly spoke up. The singer surprised everyone by confessing that he was also Polish and said a few words in his native language. “Idalia, I’m from Poland too,” he announced. As it turns out, the juror owes his origin to his mother, a native of Warsaw. The recording posted on TikTok was full of comments from surprised fans of the artist.

Mark speaks Polish very well. Once in the program he sang a carol in Polish.

Not everyone will admit to being Polish

He kept it beautifully

– netizens wrote. Ultimately, it was in Forster’s team that Idalia continued her adventure in German. In 2023, the aspiring singer will celebrate her 15th birthday. After participating in a music show, she signed a contract with Magic Records and released her first single.

Source: Gazeta

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