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Add it to the water and rinse your hair. Effect? Shiny and full of volume, like after a visit to the hairdresser

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Many of us dream of shiny hair full of volume. You can get the effect after visiting a hairdressing salon without leaving your home. It will work both on a daily basis and in front of larger exits. We advise you on how to make your hair look great with home remedies.

A simple home rinse. Use it regularly to keep your hair soft and shiny

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Home methods that were used by our mothers and grandmothers are great for hair care. Homemade hair rinse will make the strands soft, smooth and full of volume at the same time. It will be especially appreciated by women who have thin, volumetric hair with a tendency to “bean” and oily. It is worth using it regularly so that the effect of satin hair lasts longer.

How To Make A Homemade Volume Rinse? Two ingredients are enough

Preparing a homemade hair rinse takes no more than a few moments. You will only need two ingredients to make it:

  • liter of cool water;
  • flat teaspoon of potato flour;

Potato starch is enough to mix it thoroughly with water to obtain a volume-increasing rinse. After a while, the flour will sink to the bottom of the pan, so you should stir or shake the mixture just before use. The rinse should be used after washing your hair and rinsing excess cosmetics.

Add a tablespoon of potato flour to your conditioner. You will strengthen its action

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A great way to use potato flour in home hair care is to add a teaspoon of starch to your favorite mask or conditioner. In this way, we will strengthen the effect of the cosmetic, hair after using it will be smooth, loose and full of shine.

For best results, apply a mask or conditioner with potato flour to washed, damp hair for about 20 minutes. After this time, rinse your hair thoroughly and gently drain it.

Source: Gazeta

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