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Neymar’s father’s e-mail leaked. It is clear why he left for PSG

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Neymar played for FC Barcelona from 2013 to 2017. He was one of the most successful players in the Catalan team. He played 186 games in all competitions, scoring 105 goals and 76 assists. Despite the sensational results, the Brazilian decided to change the environment and moved to Paris Saint-Germain for a record 222 million euros. The 30-year-old striker later explained that the reason for his decision was the need for new challenges. Now more details about the player’s departure are coming to light.

“El Mundo” revealed the backstage of Neymar’s departure from PSG. The payment of the bonus is a bone of contention. Chatting with his father in the background

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“El Mundo” has published another article in the “BarcaLeaks” series. This time the editorial office revealed what was happening in the last days of Neymar in Barcelona. According to journalists, the authorities of the Catalan team organized a crisis management team to convince the Brazilian to stay in the team. The person responsible for the talks with the striker and his father was the then football director Raul Sanllehi.

The activist told the editorial office that at the beginning Neymar’s father was on the club’s side and tried to convince his son to stay in the Catalan capital. – For weeks he assured me that he was working on the Brazilian. He tried to convince him not to make the mistake of joining PSG. You may find it strange, but back then I believed him one hundred percent. I thought I knew when to bluff and when not. At the time, it seemed to me that he was honest with me. He never showed that he cares about money. He always participated in conversations with his son and stood on our side – revealed Sanllehi.

– The problem then was not the father, as suggested by the media, but the player himself. Neymar was having trouble with himself. He thought that if he changed the environment, he would run away from them, but it didn’t. (…) I talked to him many times. Sometimes he would cry in front of me and admit that he was lost. The whole team supported him, but in the end his teammates had had enough of him. So do we, he continued.

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The director admitted that what happened next exceeded his wildest expectations. Almost in a split second, Neymar Senior changed his attitude towards Barcelona and it was he who influenced the final decision of the Brazilian. What made him so upset?

– My father’s anger appeared when information about the amount of the bonus for signing the contract was leaked to the media. “I don’t trust you anymore. You’ve been deceiving me for so many years,” my father screamed, Sanllehi emphasized. The activist also mentioned that it was then that Neymar’s staff demanded the immediate payment of a bonus to the attacker in the amount of EUR 64.4 million. Barcelona did not agree to it and it also decided about the Brazilian’s departure.

– Father was on our side until the information about the bonus leaked. He then accused us of deliberately disclosing this data to put pressure on the player. Moreover, he said that if he did not receive the bonus today, then he would have legal arguments to terminate the contract. Then we may not even see the 222 million from PSG, and the player will move to France as a free agent, Sanllehi revealed.

Eventually, Neymar left Barcelona. According to journalists, the only consolation for the Catalan team was that the Brazilian did not choose Real Madrid.

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At PSG, Neymar is also doing decently. This season, he played 11 games, scoring 11 goals and eight assists. However, in the colors of the French champions he played in 155 matches, in which he scored 111 goals and made 68 assists.

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