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The hottest shoes of the season in Socha style from PLN 44.99!  Holiday gems from Renee, Zara and CCC

The hottest shoes of the season in Socha style from PLN 44.99! Holiday gems from Renee, Zara and CCC

These timeless shoes won the heart of Małgorzata Socha. Models in a similar style, offer popular power cords and they will work great during high temperatures. They are universal, which makes them look great both on a daily basis and during special occasions.

Roman shoes are a model of shoes that has been accompanying us for many years. These sandals are undoubtedly among the most important classics in the history of fashion. Nothing unusual. They look beautiful both in holiday styling every day and in such a special occasion. They are perfect for high temperatures, providing comfort and breathability. They are characterized by thin straps tied above the ankle. These shoes won the heart of Małgorzata Socha, who shared a truly summer stylization using Roman sandals on her Instagram. She paired a patterned midi with red and purple flowers with black light shoes. Inspired by her styling, I have singled out three models of sandals from popular stores for you.

Renee gold sandals. Cult Roman women in a hot edition

Roman women from Renee are distinguished by their fantastic and very fashionable color this season. Metallic, gold and silver footwear is breaking popularity records this summer. The model with Renee is a combination of timeless classics and modernity. They will be great in combination with a white openwork dress, creating a light, but elegant look. They will also blend wonderfully with delicate gold jewelry.

sandals Renee

Roman sandals from CCC. The neutral color is universal and easy to style

The model from CCC is kept in a classic brown color. The neutral color will allow you to safely combine them with most clothes in your wardrobe. They will look beautiful, for example, in combination with denim shorts with a loose cut and a slightly oversized white shirt. The styling will be completed with a brown handbag and a belt in the same color. You can also wear them with a light beige dress.

SandalsSandals CCC

Zara leather boots. They are timeless and will never go out of fashion

Black flat sandals from Zara are made of leather and are currently on sale. On the front we can see decorative knots that look very chic. You can easily combine such shoes with a patterned dress in the style of Socha, as well as with loose linen trousers. Are timeless and will never go out of fashion.

SandalsSandals Zara

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