Corporación El Rosado, Corporación Favorita and Cartones Nacionales (Cartopel) are the companies that sold the most in Guayas, Pichincha and Azuay in 2022, according to the Business Ranking, prepared by the Supervisory Authority of Companies.

Rosado, with sales of $1.431 million, ranks first in Guayas; while in Pichincha the list is headed by Corporación Favorita with 2.355 million dollars; and in Azuay, Cartopel leads with sales of 264 million dollars.

These are the 20 companies that sold the most in 2022 in Ecuador

According to the monitoring of companies, there are 43,530 active companies in Pichincha, of which 29,724 presented their balance sheets; in Guayas there are 52,193, but 36,258 have sent balances; and, in Azuay, there are 6,774 active companies and 5,099 have presented their balance sheets.

Below is a list of 10 companies from each of the provinces that are in the ranking: