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Forget the glass cleaner.  Mix one ingredient with water.  The windows will be shiny and streak-free

Forget the glass cleaner. Mix one ingredient with water. The windows will be shiny and streak-free

If you want your windows to shine clean, forget about drugstore products. You can use ingredients you have at home to clean them. Thanks to them, they will immediately shine clean, and you will avoid unnecessary scrubbing.

this is a task that many people spend sleepless nights on. Although it is a hated activity, it is worth doing it once in a while to clean the windows. But forget about hours of scrubbing. Use home remedies that will make you deal with dirt in no time.

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Two-component glass cleaner. Just combine with water

If you focus on ecological and natural solutions, you can also choose such an alternative when cleaning windows. You do not need chemical agents from drugstores to quickly and effectively clean windows even from stubborn dirt. After heavy dusting of various plants, it is worth taking care of the cleanliness of the windows and washing off any dirt from them. To do this, use a two-component universal cleaner.

For preparation, you only need filtered or distilled water and spirit vinegar. Combine the ingredients in a 10:1 ratio, then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the windows generously with such a preparation and wipe with a microfiber cloth. After a while, the dirt will disappear without streaks or scrubbing. Homemade window cleaner will quickly remove dirt not only from windows and mirrors. A mixture of spirit vinegar and water is also great for cleaning other surfaces in the home, such as fittings, furniture or kitchen countertops. Importantly, spirit vinegar can be purchased for as little as 2.99 per 500 ml, which will allow us to prepare a lot of reliable cleaning agent.

Forget streaking and scrubbing once and for all. Use one clever trick

However, it happened that streaks appeared while washing the windows? You do not need to clean the windows with liquid again. All you have to do is use a popular trick that has been used for a long time by our grandmothers. Reach for tights or stockings and roll them into a ball. Rub the window with such a bundle, and in no time you will get rid of streaks without scrubbing and having to wash the windows again.

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