The Macro Business Roundtable held in Guayaquil on May 30 and 31 showed more than 116 international buyers Ecuador’s new export offer, alongside traditional products such as bananas, shrimp, cocoa, among others.

These are products with added value such as fruit drinks, flavored energy drinks, stevia drops, baked chips with almond and chia flour, tuna sausages, banana flakes and others.

Almost 2,200 appointments have already been arranged for Macrorrueda de Negocios in Guayaquil

Buyers from countries such as Brazil, China, India, Chile, Costa Rica, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Germany, among others, held more than 2,200 business meetings with 311 Ecuadorian export companies, during the event promoted by the Ministry of Production , foreign trade, investment and fisheries.

Customers have also shown great interest in turmeric, blueberries, lupine, sweet potato, moringa, chia, quinoa, amaranth and other superfoods brought together through the cluster initiative, with the aim of expanding their opportunities in international markets, encouraging the exploitation of its nutritional value, innovation and sustainability.

In addition, at this meeting, Ecuador was visited for the first time by representatives of LuLu Group International from India, a supermarket chain that is present in 23 countries and is well positioned in Asia and the Middle East. Also present was Cencosud, a Chilean supermarket chain that operates in various American countries, and Shenyang Yougong Import Food Trading from China, a distributor of large supermarket chains.

At prices ranging from 69 cents to more than $30, Ecuadorian products are sold in supermarkets in the United States

As part of the event on May 23 and 24, a virtual edition was held in which 200 exporters and 38 buyers participated, with 316 business appointments.

As for the sales expectations achieved during the event, the Ministry of Production indicated that it will report the figure in the coming days.