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Maciej Maleńczuk spent almost two years in prison.  During Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023, he revealed the reason

Maciej Maleńczuk spent almost two years in prison. During Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023, he revealed the reason

Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023 was full of emotions and impressions. Among the stars who performed on the stage of the Forest Opera was Maciej Maleńczuk. The singer used this opportunity to reveal why 40 years ago he went to prison.

The second day was dedicated to those who celebrate the jubilee of their stage activity in 2023. Among them was also Maciej Maleńczuk, who celebrates the 40th anniversary of his career this year. On this occasion, the musician decided to dedicate one of the songs to prisoners, thus referring to his stay in prison.

Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023. Maleńczuk revealed the reasons for his imprisonment

Maciej Maleńczuk has never hidden his criminal past. A few years ago, he gave an interview for , in which he revealed that he was in prison in the early 1980s. He did not talk about the reasons for his imprisonment, but admitted that it was one of the most difficult periods in his life. The blood was flowing non-stop. The bath was used to settle scores. You had to be careful who was behind you. There wasn’t much to stand behind. No one could be hooked. One big stress – he said then. Now he has decided to reveal the veil of secrecy. During the Polsat SuperHit Festival, he made a personal confession, revealing to the audience what he was convicted for.

He was in prison for over 1.5 years. All because of compulsory military service

The performance on the stage of the Forest Opera began with the performance of one of his greatest hits “Old Girl”. After this piece, the artist turned to all people in prisons. He revealed that more than 40 years ago he went to prison after refusing to perform compulsory military service. He justified his decision at the time with “moral, religious and ethical considerations”. — In 1980, I refused military service and was sentenced to two years. I spent four months in Gdańsk, then in Stargard Szczeciński. I did 560 days in prison. I dedicate the next song to all those who were sitting, who are sitting and who will be sitting – the star, and then he sang the song “Ostatnia nocka”.

Few people know that Maleńczuk’s musical adventure began in prison. While performing his duties, he sang the blues, and after being released, he decided to continue this passion. First, he performed on the street, playing for passers-by, which also did not please the authorities. Repeatedly detained by the police, he was not discouraged, but his work began to take on an anti-system character. Later, he joined the rock band Pudelsi and began a great career.

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