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Plant by the door and forget about the spiders.  No one will set foot in your house from now on

Plant by the door and forget about the spiders. No one will set foot in your house from now on

Plant by the door and forget about the spiders.  No one will set foot in your house from now on

Are you afraid of spiders and want to scare them away? One thing is enough to protect the house from their visit. These methods will be especially useful now, when there are more and more of them, and by the end of summer they will start to seek shelter in homes.

There are several clever ways to keep spiders away from your home and garden. Although the species living in Poland are dangerous to us, the sight of them can really scare some people. That’s why here are two sure-fire tricks that will make sure spiders don’t even want to make their home.

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Plant these plants by the door. Spiders will not even appear in the house

There is no denying that spiders cannot tolerate the aromas of certain plants. That is why it is worth planting them near windows or doors to the house so that they do not appear in the area. Thanks to this, they will not try to hide in the nooks and crannies of rooms or basements. The best choice will definitely be to plant aromatic lavender or peppermint. You can also use the latter when cooking or creating various drinks. Of course, an effective trick to get rid of spiders is also to install mosquito nets in the windows, but not everyone has such an opportunity.

Kara runs a TikTok profile under the name @karaskorner_123. He usually shares various ways to make our lives, cooking or cleaning easier. This time, however, she decided to reveal her way to get rid of spiders. Her trick effectively repels them, so you can easily use it wherever you need it. What should be done to clear the area?

Mix the two components and spray the surfaces. You will forget about spiders for a long time

Kara recorded a short video on TikTok in which she shows how to smoke spiders. Pour water, a little dishwashing liquid and peppermint essential oil into the spray bottle. Lavender aroma or a combination of these two scents will also work. You can choose the proportions individually, but it is important that the mixture smells intensely. Spray the finished solution on window frames, doors and all corners where spiders could hide. Repeat the treatment every few days to maintain the effect.

There were many comments under Kara’s material. No wonder, because it has been played over 767,000 times. TikTok users willingly shared their spider repellent tricks in the comment section. Some people use the aromas of other essential oils for this purpose, and others even decide to use vinegar.

My favorite! Except I used up a whole bottle of peppermint oil! I spray the whole house, no fun here!

Lemongrass essential oil also works and smells amazing. I use it in the basement. I haven’t had cobwebs since then.

They also hate vinegar. But your idea smells better. Thanks!

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