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How to use yeast in the garden?  It is a reliable remedy not only for ants

How to use yeast in the garden? It is a reliable remedy not only for ants

We usually use them in the kitchen, but it turns out that they are also great for plant care. They act as a deterrent, bactericidal and protect crops from pests. Here are some ways to use yeast in your garden.

Aphids and ants often wreak havoc in our gardens and allotments. How to deal with them? Instead of reaching for specialized preparations, let’s try a home remedy for aphids, which also works great for other insects that damage our plants. Use yeast in the garden in the fight against troublesome pests.

What are yeasts in the garden for? Try a home remedy for aphids

Aphids are small insects that feed on leaves. If you notice their presence, you should react immediately, because they multiply quickly and can lead to the death of the plant. However, before we reach for funds from the garden store, it is worth trying a home remedy for aphids, which works just as effectively. We will use yeast to make it. They are a great alternative to chemical preparations and do not damage the plants.

  • Dissolve 100 g of yeast in five liters of water.
  • Add 6 drops of liquid soap and mix it all together.
  • Leave it for 2 hours, and after that time, pour it into a bottle with an atomizer and spray the plants.
  • We spray once a week to achieve the expected results.

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What about ants in the garden? Prepare a trap using yeast

If you are wondering what else yeast can be used for, it is worth knowing that a popular ingredient in our kitchen also works great for ants. These insects love their smell and eagerly cling to it, so we can prepare a special trap. How to do it? Mix 100 g of dry yeast with 100 g of sugar and pour a liter of water. Leave for an hour, and after that time, pour into small containers and place in places where ants are most often present.

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