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Put it next to the anthill.  This way you will effectively get rid of ants

Put it next to the anthill. This way you will effectively get rid of ants

Ants are industrious but equally irritating insects. They pose a great threat to plants in the garden and can make life difficult by entering the house or car. How to expel ants from the plot or garden? There is a simple and effective method.

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Surely you have seen ants more than once in the shelf where there was sugar, under your favorite plant in the garden or inside the car. Nothing unusual. These insects are very eager to go to places where they sense sugar or protein. In the context of gardening, these pests tunnel under plants, disrupting their development and destroying root canals. You can go to the store for the right chemical that will quickly deal with the ants, but it is worth trying a more humane method first.

This way to get rid of ants is simple and effective. You will drive them away, save time and money

Why do ants often want to “live” in a house or car? The reason may be the remains of food, most often the sweet one in the form of candies or buns with fruit filling. If you find an anthill of these insects on the plot or next to the property, try to outsmart them in the following way.

Pour a few handfuls of sawdust into a small clay pot, and then knead them at the bottom. Then you just need to put the trap next to the anthill, and the ants will quickly want to move their nest there. If after some time the insects move to a new home, then all that remains is to take the pot with the ants away from our garden or place of residence. This method can be a great alternative to chemical products from store shelves.

What else will help keep the ants away? You have it on the kitchen shelf

If you don’t like the pot and sawdust trick, there are other home remedies to get rid of ants. One of them is the use of … herbs and spices. On the route of movement of insects, you can easily scatter e.g. cinnamon, salt, pepper or marjoram. These irritating odors will effectively drive away pests from the house and garden.

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