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Experts told how to extend the life of your cat

Experts told how to extend the life of your cat

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Cats are sensitive and vulnerable creatures that need proper care and attention from their owners. But if you take care of them responsibly, they can live next to the owner for many years, the Belnovosti portal writes.

Experts told what rules you need to follow in order to improve and prolong the life of your pet. First of all, do not neglect visits to the veterinarian. Cats can be unwell without showing visible signs of illness, and by the time ill health becomes apparent, it may already be too late. Therefore, you need to show the cat to the veterinarian at least once a year, as well as give her all the necessary vaccinations and preventive procedures.

Cats should not be fed table food. They have their own needs and peculiarities of digestion, so human food can lead to disruption of the stomach, intestines, liver and other organs. In addition, some foods can be poisonous to cats. It is better to feed them with special food, selected according to the age, breed and health of the pet.

At the same time, cats should not be allowed to overeat. Without control, they can eat more than they need, which leads to obesity, diabetes, heart and joint problems. Therefore, you should not succumb to the pleading look of a cat and give her an additive or treat in excess of the norm. Make sure your cat’s diet is balanced and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also make sure your cat has access to fresh, clean water.

Lack of attention can also be a factor that worsens the life and health of a pet. Cats are very social animals, they need to communicate with the owner and other cats. If the pet feels lonely, it can lead to stress, depression, aggression or apathy. Therefore, you should not leave the cat alone for a long time or not pay attention to it. Try to give your pet enough time to play with him, stroke him and talk to him. This will help the cat feel happy and healthy.

And finally, proper care of coat and claws is very important for cat health. Just because cats groom themselves doesn’t mean their owner doesn’t need help. Some breeds need regular brushing and even clipping to avoid tangles, tangles and skin problems. In addition, special scratching posts not only save furniture, but also allow the cat to sharpen its claws as efficiently as possible. If the cat does not grind them down and they remain too long, they can be trimmed neatly.

If you provide your pet with the right care and attention, he will delight you with his company for a long time.

Source: Rosbalt

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