A clear reunion of emotions is what the group experienced 21st Floor and Ryan Castro with the release of their new single and second collaboration together 3/21.

With the rhythm and style that characterize them, the song brings the theme of one’s repentance after being unfaithful and being carried away by one’s darkest desires.

“It is a song that plunges us into a whirlwind of emotions, with lyrics that invite us to reflect on our own experiences and the moments when we gave in to temptation”, said a statement from the artists.

“For all those who were a 10, but fell into damned temptation. This is the subject of asking forgiveness”wrote the group on their Instagram.

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Since their first collaboration 14/20Piso 21 and Ryan Castro have demonstrated their musical chemistry and their ability to create melodies that resonate in the minds of their listeners.

The music video was shot in the streets of Medellín and directed by Oscar Vasquez, who wanted to capture the desperation of someone who wants to restore everything after failing.

The single which premiered live from the Our land prices in Colombia, where ‘Los Muchachos’ (as they also call themselves) presented one show explosive with Ryan Castro and Manuel Turizo, commemorated a great moment of the night, being the prelude to the award they won Dim, Lorduy, Pablo and de Profe for their nomination for “Best Urban Song” with the horns together with Manuel Turizo, single that was also recently received Platinum album for his millions of views on music platforms.