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The world’s largest virtual food brand expands to Mexico

The world’s largest virtual food brand expands to Mexico

Global food chain MrBeast Burger, considered the world’s largest virtual brand, expands to Mexicowhere in its first month of operation it plans to sell more than 300,000 hamburgers.

This is the first step of the chain of American origin in Latin America and it will take place hand in hand with the emerging company or “startup” of Colombian origin, leader in kitchens in the cloud Foodology and in alliance with the firm Virtual Dining Concepts.

“We are very excited to bring MrBeast Burger to Mexico, the launch of this brand is a milestone and a new era in the food delivery market in Mexico”commented the general director of Mexico for Foodology, Juan Esteban Abadia, in a statement.

“Thanks to Foodology’s speed, technology and processes, we are able to launch it in six cities in Mexico and 40 locations in a matter of months. This will position us as the leading ‘startup’ in Latin America in the field of ‘cloud kitchens’. of cloud)”added the manager.

Foodology manages more than six virtual restaurants, among its brands are Brunch and Munch, Avocalia and Bamboo Wok.

In Mexico, the brand’s menu will be available in the cities of Monterrey, Saltillo, Guadalajara, Mérida, Puebla and Mexico City through platforms home delivery as Uber Eats, Didi Food and Rappi.

Initially, MrBeast Burger, the world’s largest virtual restaurant, will not have any physical outlets and will focus solely on delivery.

According to EuroMonitor International, Mexico is the second largest delivery market in Latin America, just below Brazilwith a value of more than US$ 3,865 million until 2021, which represents an increase of 12.8% compared to the previous year.

The innovative offer and its great attention to the customer experience, has made MrBeast Burger gain recognition and popularity, especially in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The brand, founded in December 2020 by “youtuber” Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeastin conjunction with Virtual Dining Concepts, has more than 3,000 locations and Mexico is its gateway to Latin America.

“We started with key cities around the world and today we are reaching Mexico thanks to its potential and the reach that MrBeast and MrBeast in Spanish have in this region, and a key market for us,” Donaldson pointed out.

At 25, Donaldson is the YouTuber with the most followers in the world, with 170 million subscribers and, according to Startup Booted, he has a fortune of more than US$100 million.

Meanwhile, Foodology, founded in 2019 by Colombians Daniela Izquierdo and Juan Guillermo Azuero, has more than 90 cloud kitchens in Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil, making it the largest private cloud kitchen operation in the region. .

(With information from EFE)

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