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Not just at the Super Bowl.  Sign language interpreter the star of Eurovision 2023. “He should get an award”

Not just at the Super Bowl. Sign language interpreter the star of Eurovision 2023. “He should get an award”

During this year’s Eurovision, the representative of Finland conquered the stage. The sign language interpreter, who explained the meaning of the lyrics of the rapper’s contest song “Cha Cha Cha”, was equally well remembered by the viewers. The recording went online, creating a sensation among Internet users.

It happens that during concerts broadcast on television sign language interpreters make a bigger show than the stars. We found out about it during a performance on . The woman who presented the deaf singer’s performances quickly won the hearts of the viewers, becoming the legend of the event. Now it turns out that he has serious competition in his profession. During this year’s Eurovision, an emotional performance by an Estonian interpreter made a sensation among Internet users.

The representative of Finland made a sensation during Eurovision. He won the votes of the audience

Eurovision 2023 has come to an end, but the excitement has not subsided yet. The great win turned out to be , who was the first woman in history to receive the statuette twice. However, on the way to the top, the Swedish singer had some serious competition. Many assumed that it, Käärijä, would be this year’s laureate. The rapper presented the song “Cha Cha Cha” and although it does not have a lofty message, because it refers to good fun with alcohol, his expressive show on the stage in Liverpool won the hearts of the audience. According to the viewers’ votes, he was the winner of the competition, but in the end he was ranked second in the ranking.

The sign language interpreter made a sensation during the Eurovision Song Contest. The recording of his performance became a hit on the Internet

The stars’ performances were reported by Yegor Andrejev, a member of the Estonian Sign Language Association. The man did it with great commitment, thus winning the hearts and recognition of the viewers. However, it was only when the representative of Finland appeared on the stage that the interpreter gave a real show of his skills, including those of acting. The recording quickly went viral, becoming a hit among Internet users around the world.

Absolutely thrilling

He should get an award, he’s amazing!

This is another person in the long list of sign language legends who is amazing when it comes to Eurovision

– delighted viewers write under the video published on Twitter. Not only his compatriots, but also foreign fans appreciated his emotional show. Many have noticed that for Yegor Andreev, translating into sign language during the Eurovision Song Contest was not just work, but also fun.

Source: Gazeta

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