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INEI: underemployment grows and low-paid work increases by 50% as of April

INEI: underemployment grows and low-paid work increases by 50% as of April

For the last quarter —February, March and April— of 2023, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), in metropolitan Lima 5 million 187,900 employed people were reported, of which only a little more than half (2 million 989,000) have a job in adequate conditions, while the rest continue in precarious conditions. Also, compared to the pre-pandemic, Around 134,200 decent jobs have not been recovered.

In this sense, the levels of underemployment have also presented an alarming rise of 25.8% compared to 2019. Thus, close to half a million more, 450,600 citizens, work in a situation of low wages and insufficient working hours. In total, there are 2 million 198.90 underemployed people so far this year.

These results would be due, mainly, to the fact that the jobs created since 2021 have remained in low conditions, and to this is added that a large flow of migrant workers have been hired in recent months with low levels of wages and longer hours than usual. 8 hours, specified Enrique Fernández-Maldonado, of the Center for Public Policies and Human Rights. It should be noted that to date there are approximately 394,800 unemployed people in the capital.

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Low salaries

Another problem that is becoming more and more serious is the underemployed by income —low-paid jobs—, which have reached 1 million 747.6, its maximum figure in the last 4 years. Likewise, there has been an increase of 50% compared to the pre-pandemic years. In detail, compared to 2019, women with inadequate income rose by 34.9% and men by 78.9%.

For its part, underemployment due to insufficient hours fell by -23.4%, but there is still an estimate of 451,200 Peruvians affected by this situation. For Fernández-Maldonado, one of the main problems has been the abandonment of the last governments of a correct labor policy. “What there were were promotional labor regimes in some sectors, such as micro-enterprises or agribusiness, but their impact on suitable employment has been modest,” he added.

Likewise, he stressed that it is worrying that in the current government, and with the recent election of the new head of the portfolio of Work and Promotion of Employment, Antonio Varela Bohórquez, some measures such as supreme decrees 001-2022-SA, which seeks to limit labor outsourcing, and 014-2022-TR, which modifies the Regulations of the Collective Labor Relations Law, go back and their debate returns to zero pages.


Disparity. To date, 746,200 men subsist on low-paid work. However, women are the most affected, since more than 1 million women work with low wages.

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