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She took her husband to the gynecologist’s office.  “The expression on his face is unforgettable”

She took her husband to the gynecologist’s office. “The expression on his face is unforgettable”

This visit to the doctor’s office will be remembered by the man for a long time. He came with his partner for a routine visit to see his unborn child, and left shaken, with a knowledge that only wanted to run as far away as possible.

Often topics related to menstruation, or changes that occur during pregnancy or the course of a visit to the gynecologist, are taboo topics. Men don’t ask. They prefer not to know. Buying sanitary towels is for some people the greatest feat in their lives, and they associate an examination at the gynecologist with something even worse than horror. Unfortunately, this is the effect of the fact that once certain things remained only in the female circle. It was considered that it was better that the man did not know about it, after all it did not concern him. Times changes. More and more women are making men aware of how they feel during menstruation, how hormones affect them, or what a visit to the gynecologist looks like. For some, it’s such a big shock that it takes a long time for them to recover.

Common passion – their videos not only entertain, but also educate

Kaya and Tay run an account on the TikTok platform together. They get along fantastically. They have a sense of humor, ease and distance, both to each other and to the world around them. Recording jokes, everyday conversations and funny situations, that’s what they share with their followers on the web. Their people and no wonder, because you watch them with a smile on your face. One of the recent videos is the one where Kay gets to know the interior of the gynecologist’s office. It starts with a look at the equipment, Kay poses like a doctor and has a lot of fun doing it. Then it gets better.

He becomes more and more shocked by the moment, and finally runs away from the office

As she moves to the gynecological chair, she tries to guess what some of them are for. The place where a woman usually puts her legs is mistakenly chosen for the place where the doctor would rest her elbow. When he finally guesses in what position the woman is sitting in the chair during the examination, it is a bit shocking for him. But she is even more surprised when she discovers a probe that the doctor places in the right place, examining a woman’s insides. His only reaction, apart from shock, is to get away from this “strange” place as soon as possible. His behavior greatly amused Internet users and improved their mood, but at the same time brought a large educational lesson for those most unaware.

The way he looked so scared… I almost died laughing… I know you’re going to be great parents.

His expression is the best.

One second to think… and run.

This is exactly my husband’s face when he first saw the ultrasound machine.

Emotional destruction.

So much to learn.

My fiancé was so calm in the doctor’s office that I was very surprised! He only got scared when I had to be examined by a male doctor.

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