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From “Million Coins” to Artist of the Year.  Mrozu has been conquering the charts for 14 years

From “Million Coins” to Artist of the Year. Mrozu has been conquering the charts for 14 years

Despite the passage of years, the phenomenon of Mróz does not weaken. He used to conquer the charts singing “Million monet”, and now he is the artist of the year. During this year’s Fryderyk awards gala, the singer received as many as five statuettes.

are the most prestigious music awards in Poland, which have been awarded to the most outstanding artists by the Polish Phonographic Academy since 1999. There is no denying that this year’s gala belonged to Mróz. The singer was an incredible success, receiving as many as five statuettes.

Mrozu has a considerable artistic output. The song “Too far” is not his only hit

Although it has been operating in the Polish music industry for over 14 years, its popularity is constantly growing. He made his debut on the phonographic market in 2009 with the album “Million monet”, and the title single almost immediately became a huge hit, conquering the charts of the largest radio stations in Poland. In the same year, the singer performed at the Sopot Hit Festival, taking 8th place, and his career quickly gained momentum. Not only did he record songs and tour regularly, but he also took part in popular entertainment shows, including in the 11th edition of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Since his debut, he has released five more studio albums: “Vabank”, “Rollercoaster”, “Zew”, “Aura” and “Golden Blocks”, for which he received many nominations for prestigious awards. His greatest hits are “Horizon”, “If not us, who”, “Nothing to lose” or “Beyond logic”. He has several significant statuettes to his credit. In 2010, he received the Viva Comet for the debut of the year, and in 2014 he was awarded a statuette at the Eska Music Awards as the best artist.

Fryderyk 2023. Mrozu surprised everyone during the gala

On April 22, 2023, the Fryderyk Festival Gala of Popular Music and Jazz took place in Gliwice, during which awards were given in as many as 26 categories. However, the real winner turned out to be Mrozu, who left the event with five statuettes, including the most important for artist of the year. In addition, the singer was named author of the year and producer of the year. He also received an award in the pop album of the year category for his album, and his song of the year was the one that has been on the charts for several months.

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