TO Rafael Nadal His ears must have been ringing on March 27. Also to the presenter of Más Vale Tarde and faithful admirer of the dress, Cristina Pardo. He singer Ivan Ferreiro believes that nadal has thrown to the ground the rights of workers to the win a medal “with a broken foot”.

“It has taken us many years to achieve that when we feel bad we do not have to go to work, so that this millionaire, in order to have a medal, tells us that he had a broken foot”, was literally what he said in an interview for esquireposted a week ago.

“And then I get the balls, for bad, Rafa Nadal”, added the singer, leader and main composer, for thirteen years, of the group The Pirates before arguing why the tennis player is a “example of shit“for children.

“The shitty example that he gives by going to play a game that was blown away. And everyone says: What a good example for the children! Well, I think it’s a shitty example,” he openly expressed. Nothing to do with the Pardo’s opinionwho on several occasions has shown his admiration for the tennis player live.