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Huge queues to meet sanah.  All because of “Marzipan”

Huge queues to meet sanah. All because of “Marzipan”

Sanah has long announced that she will release a studio version of the song “Marzipan”. Now the artist has finally decided to fulfill her promise, and in a great way. Before the song was officially released, she organized a premiere, to which she invited her most faithful listeners.

A pre-premiere screening of the new song took place in Warsaw’s Luna cinema. The event gathered crowds of loyal fans who patiently waited in line from the early hours of the morning to listen to the song “Marzipan” and talk to the idol.

Sanah has fulfilled the dream of many fans. There has never been such an event

During the premiere of the song “Marzipan”, fans had the opportunity to ask the singer a few questions. A crowd gathered around, interested not only in the photo, but also in a conversation with the idol. First, the star showed choreography from the music video on stage, wanting fans to imitate her movements. Later, conversations took place, during which she revealed her professional plans for the near future. She also addressed numerous questions about her new . The artist confessed that the album will definitely not appear before the “Feast of Feasts” tour, which will start in mid-August and end at the end of September 2023.

In the music video for the song “Marzipan” sanah was clearly inspired by one of the biggest stars of Hollywood cinema, Marilyn Monroe. She appeared in an outfit modeled on the creation that the actress wore in one of the scenes of the cult film Howard Hawks “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Each moment presented in the clip is a reference to a different period in the singer’s life.

Sanah conquers the Polish music market. The singer will perform at stadium concerts

There is no other artist like sanah on the Polish music scene. stormed into show business, conquering the hearts of listeners. In October 2019, her first mini-album “my name is invisible” was released, which was ranked third on the OLiS sales list. In turn, in May 2020, the artist debuted on the phonographic market with the full-length album “Królowa dram”, which turned out to be a huge success, and the singles promoting her conquered the charts not only in Poland, but also abroad.

A year later, “Irenka” joined her discography, but she made a real sensation in 2022, releasing two albums “Uczta” and “Sanah sings poetry”, which gained platinum status. The phenomenon of the singer is evidenced, among others, by the fact that in 2003 she will be the first Polish artist to perform at stadium concerts. “Feast of Feasts” will be the culmination of her achievements so far.

Source: Gazeta

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