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Before sowing dill, use the trivial bag trick.  It will grow after 4 days

Before sowing dill, use the trivial bag trick. It will grow after 4 days

Do you want to sow dill in your garden? Before you do that, try one trivial trick. Thanks to this method, the plant will sprout after 4 days. Learn how to use a proven way to quickly develop a vegetable.

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What to do to make dill grow faster? There is a proven way to do this. Thanks to this trick, it will sprout in just 4 days. To achieve this effect, you need to remember one thing.

How to sow dill? The most important thing is the time

Dill, in principle, can be sown throughout the season. The plant is quite resistant to adverse weather conditions, but one dependence should be kept in mind. The vegetable does not tolerate frost. Temperatures lower than 0 degrees Celsius have a very bad effect on its development. To avoid this, try to sow dill in May or August. These are the best times to start growing the plant.

Also keep in mind the proper sowing of vegetables. The holes in which we put the seeds should not be deeper than 1-2 centimeters. Also remember to put a few grains into each indentation. Each row of plants should be about 15-20 centimeters apart. Dill can also be grown in pots on the balcony. Sow it in small boxes in a substrate suitable for growing vegetables.

How to speed up the development of dill? There is a way

Usually, the first harvest can be harvested a month after sowing the dill. However, there are ways that the plant will sprout after 4 days. All you need to speed up the development of the vegetable is water and a bag made of fabric. First, put the seeds in a bag, and then immerse it in water at 50-60 degrees Celsius for two minutes. Then place the bundle in a container of cold water. Change the fluid regularly over the course of two days, then pull out the bag and dry the seeds. After preparing the dill in this way and sowing it, you will notice that the first sprouts will appear after only a few days.

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