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In the world of cinema, he was considered a genius and a madman.  He gave his daughters hell.  “I was terrified of him”

In the world of cinema, he was considered a genius and a madman. He gave his daughters hell. “I was terrified of him”

In the world of cinema, Klaus Kinski was considered a genius and… a madman. The excellent actor often exploded in anger on the set and threw his fists at his co-workers. His impetuous nature was also revealed in his private life, which cast a shadow on his relationship with his daughters.

Although he is considered one of the most outstanding filmmakers in the world of European cinema, he had a negative reputation during his lifetime due to his aggressive behavior on the set. A few years after his death on November 23, 1991, it came to light that he also used violence against his relatives.

He was considered a genius in the world of cinema. Kinski was diagnosed with psychopathic disorders

Klaus Kinski was born on October 18, 1926 in Sopot, but as a 5-year-old he moved to Berlin. At the age of 17, he was conscripted into the Wehrmacht and as soon as he was sent to the front, he found himself in British captivity. He spent almost 1.5 years in prison and that’s where he discovered it. In 1946, he made his debut on the stage of the Berlin theater, but did not stay there for long due to frequent attacks of aggression and adventurous disposition. Not long after, he even ended up in a psychiatric ward after constantly harassing and stalking a woman who caught his eye for three days. At that time, he was diagnosed with psychopathy, but the diagnosis did not hinder his career, and even became an asset.

Kinski first appeared in front of the camera in 1948 in the film “Morituri”. After that, he played a lot of episodic roles. He has 134 acting roles to his credit and most often he was entrusted with crazy, demonic characters. Although he was outstanding in his profession, acting was not his passion, but only a way to earn money. “I’m a whore.” I only do it for the money — The most important criterion for him was a generous salary and a small number of shooting days.

He exploded in anger on set. There were frequent fisticuffs

As brilliant as Kinski was, he was extremely difficult to work with. Even the director Werner Herzog, and privately a longtime friend of Kinski, found out about it. On the set, they met many times, creating such productions as “Nosferatu vampire” or “Cobra Verde”. At that time, the actor said that he was a “dwarf director”, so he had no right to lecture him, or a “miserable and malicious sadist”. During the filming of Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Kinski suddenly went into such a rage that he wounded Justo Gonzales with his sword. Even though such situations were an integral part of working with him, he was considered a genius in the community. “Klaus was one of the greatest of the last century. He was the only genius I’d ever met, but he was also a monster and a plague,” Herzog said.

Kinski’s daughter confessed that her father raped her. She described everything in her biography

Life with him was just as hard. he was married four times, but none of these relationships stood the test of time. He cheated on his wives on a regular basis, was also morbidly jealous and started brawls. The fruits of these relationships were daughters, Pola and Nastassja, and a son, Nikolai. After Kinski’s death, it came to light that he also gave his children hell.

In 2013, the biography “Usteczka” was published on the publishing market, in which the elder of his daughters confessed that she had been sexually abused by him since the age of 5, and when she was 9 years old, she was raped for the first time. Such situations repeated over the years. Kinski was supposed to convince her that this is how the relationship between father and daughter should look like. “He wasn’t the father. (…) I was terrified of him. He was unpredictable, he terrorized the whole family – and Nastassja.

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