Members of the former president’s campaign donald trump They say they have raised more than four million dollars (€3.68 million) from your followers within 24 hours of announcing your charge in the investigation for the alleged bribery of the porn actress known as stormy daniels.

As reported, more than 25 percent of these donations are from people who had not previously given money to the Trump campaign, which “solidifies President Trump’s status as the clear leader in the Republican primaries.”

Meanwhile, Trump continues in his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. There he studies with his lawyers how he is going to turn himself in to the police. Predictably, it will be next Tuesday. His lawyers say that there will be no agreement with the prosecution because they defend that the former president has not committed any crime.

This is not the first time that former President Trump has used the media interest Due to some of his controversies to start a fundraiser from his followers, donation campaigns are common in American politics to finance the race for elections.

Following the announcement of his candidacy for the republican primaries In November, the former president’s team began a fundraising which raised 9.5 million dollars (8.7 million euros) in six weeks, a figure that according to NBC is a “failure” taking into account the amounts that political campaigns usually raise and the notoriety of Trump.