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Jennifer Aniston Says Shooting Comedies Is Hard Right Now: You Have To Watch Everything Now

Jennifer Aniston Says Shooting Comedies Is Hard Right Now: You Have To Watch Everything Now

You could say that Jennifer Aniston ate her teeth at the comedy. For her role in “Friends” she won a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award in 1994, and was voted the favorite TV actress four times in the People’s Choice plebiscite. On the occasion of the premiere of the latest comedy film, she does not hide that in her opinion the market and its laws have changed. Now when you’re making a comedy, you have to remember that there are jokes you can’t tell anymore. – And yet we all need humor – emphasizes the actress.

is currently promoting his new film “Murder Wedding”, in which she plays the main role alongside Adam Sandler. This is a crime comedy about a nice couple who, somewhat casually, have to solve the mystery of the kidnapping of a certain maharaja, and what will be shown on approach to humor.

Jennifer Aniston: Shooting comedy is so tricky right now

“We have a whole generation of young people, kids who are watching now who think the humor in the show is abusive. Some things were not intentional there, and others obviously needed to be thought through better, but I don’t think there was such sensitivity then as now – Jennifer Aniston told AFP and emphasized:

Comedies have evolved, movies have changed, so it’s a bit tricky now. You have to be very, very careful, which makes it difficult for comedians. Because the beauty of comedy is that we make fun of ourselves and make fun of life.

The actress also noted that once you could joke about bigots and everyone would laugh. “It was fun, and more importantly, it taught people how ridiculous some people can be. We can’t do that now,” she says. She also pointed out that everyone needs humor and the world needs humor. In her opinion, you can’t take yourself too seriously, especially in the US. “Everyone is too divided,” she said.

Comedians Against Cancel Culture

Legendary comedians such as John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson and Hannah Einbinder have recently spoken in a similar vein to Jennifer Aniston. Everyone is concerned that “cancel culture” is affecting comedy people, and they see how dangerous it actually is. The actor playing the role of Mr. Bean emphasized that the basic purpose of comedy is to offend, and in a healthy society you can make fun of everything and everyone. Cleese, on the other hand, felt that demanding correctness from comedians was “death to creativity”.

– If you worry about offending someone all the time and think about it all the time, he won’t be very creative. I think it’s disastrous,” he said, adding that you just have to choose the right material for the right audience. Because at the Republican convention you can tell jokes about their political opponents, but not about themselves. But he also adds that it is important to remember basic manners – When you have tea with your grandmother, you do not tell her jokes about sex. Not because it’s illegal, just in bad taste, he reminds himself

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