Ecuadorian presenter Alejandra Jaramillo He came out to defend those loves that were separated. During the last episode whoever can sitthe actress was in favor of giving someone from the past a second chance.

For this he illustrated the following examples, where these couples were successful when they tried again: “Lionel Messi finished with Antonellathey pass the time because they have been together since school. Messi there he had his second ‘flowers’ and then came back with Antonella and they have the great marriage that they have today,” he said.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben affleck They also fell into that category: “They were together 20 years ago and 20 years later they gave each other a second chance, look, they ended up at the altar. They are happy to live the love they were waiting for because he was the great love of their lives,” he said.

Before ending, he also gave an example of royalties: “William and Kate They also cut off and look, this means that in certain cases it is worth giving a second chance “.

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Alejandra’s ex-boyfriends

She is very reserved with her personal life, s Efrain Ruals (2020-2021) shared a love that developed in front of the screen, so they openly shared their relationship with their followers, but Alexander He doesn’t usually do that, he doesn’t know many couples.

Alejandra Jaramillo and Don Francisco together in an interview: “I could describe this moment as one of my favorite in my career”

Ferdinand Lopez

In the beginning in 2019, the actress dated that stranger with whom she went on trips and adventures. He admitted on television that they were seeing each other: “If I have a boyfriend and I’m happy (…) I believe that these things are not asked for, they just come, they simply happen.” He came into my life and I’m very happy, we’ll see how everything turns out along the way”.

Although she never posted an official photo with him on social media, her followers found a male user who, like her, posted photos on the same pages. In this case, this photo is in Busch GardensUnited States, where they would go on vacation. (AND)

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